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Pyramid Shungite

Pyramid Shungite
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Pyramid Shungite
Reference : PY024V
Pyramid Shungite polished natural stone.

Weight: 46 to 48gr.
Base: 4.2 x 4.2cm
Height: 2,8cm

Practical interests of Shungite:
Russian military use shungite to protect their computer installations against external electromagnetic attacks.
In France, shungite blocks have been placed in wind turbines to eliminate electromagnetic interference produced by them.

Use of pyramids:
Under the bed: Allows to benefit during its sleep from the beneficial waves of the pyramid.
In a room: To benefit permanently from the positive vibrations of the pyramid and the virtues of the stone which composes it.
Meditation: Place a pyramid near you during the meditation session to amplify psychic energy and help overcome blockages.
Wish: To fulfill a wish, write it on a sheet of paper, fold the sheet and place it under the base of the pyramid.
After 3,5 or 7 days burn the leaf without reopening it.
Reloading: A pyramid allows to give energy back to your stones, by placing your stone under the base of the pyramid.
Positioning of the pyramid: It is very important to position your pyramid well to benefit fully from its virtues:
Place your pyramid on a clean and flat surface, non-metallic but natural (avoid plastic, PVC..), and point one side of the pyramid (and not one edge) towards the magnetic north.
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46 to 48Gr
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