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Ammonite Pairs

Ammonite Pairs
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Ammonite Pairs
Reference : FOSS015
Ammonite Pairs Fossil.

Size: 9,5cm high up
Weight: 221gr pairs

Pedestal offered

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These living beings transformed into stone come from the depths of the ages.
Their memory is exceptional and can go back several hundred million years.

Ammonites (Ammonoidea) form an extinct subclass of molluscs
cephalopods that have existed since the end of the Cambrian, 500 million years ago.

When he dies, ammonite falls to the bottom of the sea. The animal is eaten by small
predators and all that's left is the shell.
Gradually the shell is covered by sand and sediment. Diapers
accumulate over time.
Under the action of pressure and chemical processes, the shell is slowly mineralized so replaced by mineral such as calcite.

Their spiral symbolizes infinity and eternity.
Ammonites give victory to just causes (Heart Chakra ).
On the chakra of the solar plexus, in tradition, they act as antidote of poisons.

Purification: Fossils do not need to be purified.
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